Solidez, experiencia y

Resilience, experience and

Compromiso permanente

Permanent commitment

Reconocidos por nuestra experiencia en todas las áreas de las transacciones internacionales. Nuestra firma representa una amplia gama de empresas comerciales, financieras e industriales. Su base de clientes se encuentra principalmente en Norteamérica y Europa.

Recognized for our experience in all areas of international transactions. Our firm represents a wide range of commercial, financial and industrial companies. Its customer base is primarily in North America and Europe.

Más de 40 años de

More than 40 years of

Ejercicio impecable

Impeccable exercise

Han convertido a Daremblum & Herrera Abogados en una firma seleccionada por corporaciones multinacionales que busca soluciones eficientes, asertivas y disruptivas a nivel nacional e internacional.

They have turned Daremblum & Herrera Abogados into a firm selected by multinational corporations that seeks efficient, assertive and disruptive solutions at a national and international level.

Legal practice with

Rigorous analysis

There is something more than just legal advice… and we know how to do it.

The Mission of Daremblum & Herrera Abogados is to serve our clients through an organized team effort. Starting with the rigorous analysis of a case, structuring the action plan or the defense in order to fully satisfy the needs of our clients who, as strategic partners, must be protected according to the legal system even beyond the simple legal advice.


Our lawyers

Qualified team


Jaime Daremblum


He was columnist and editorialist in the newspaper La Nación, Costa Rica. He wrote regularly for The Wall Street Journal. He was the author of several books and numerous book contributions, as well as articles on international politics and economics published in academic journals. He served as Senior Fellow and Director of the Center for Latin American Studies at the Hudson Institute in Washington, DC. as well as lawyer and director.



Yuri Herrera


Specialist in Corporate Law; International Commercial Law; Commercial Law; Labor Law; Aeronautical Law; Patents; Trademarks, and Civil Litigation.



Elena Fallas


Law degree (1980, University of Costa Rica) and Specialization in Public Law, with honors (1988). Her professional activities are mainly focused on Constitutional Law; Administrative Law and Commercial Law.


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San José · Costa Rica



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